Dan and Claire on Sabbatical!!

Welcome to our blog, we hope you enjoy following our adventures!
We split our sabbatical in 2 parts:
Part 1 was from March to June 2010 touring around in our campervan in France and Spain.
Part 2 started on the 7th of July when we left Scotland to cycle through Europe and the Middle East to Africa in the remaining 6 months (back for Xmas).
Have a look at the route below and we'll try to post pics as much as we can!


Cycle Route to Africa

17 Jul 2010

Cycle week 1: Scotland and Holland

The first 600 km and flat tyre are behind us!
We left Lundie after a week of rest on the 7th of July and took the ferry from Edinburgh to Zeebrugge. We had to push it a bit along the dutch coastline up to Amsterdam to make it in time for the Worlcup final on Sunday evening. So we had our first 120 km day between Middelburg and Den Haag. An experience to be at the Museumplein in Amsterdam between 100.000 orange happy people but what a disappointing match...
And on we went towards the Afsluitdijk, Friesland and Groningen in amazing summer weather in Holland which is sometimes a bit too hot for cycling (30 degrees).
Dan had a huge pin in his tyre just when we came off the Afsluitdijk (30 km against the wind on a dyke :-().
The first week gave us a good impression of what we want to improve/where the sore points are. So we spent our resting time in Groningen buying new shorts (bums hurt already...), picking which clothes to leave behind to make the panniers lighter and adjusting things on the bikes.
On Monday we start the cycle south towards Zutendaal and Germany.

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  1. Anyone can leave comments now!!!

  2. Good luck guys - pedal safely x

  3. Sing the chaffy bum song...a 1, 2, 3, 4...

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    Terry. :-)