Dan and Claire on Sabbatical!!

Welcome to our blog, we hope you enjoy following our adventures!
We split our sabbatical in 2 parts:
Part 1 was from March to June 2010 touring around in our campervan in France and Spain.
Part 2 started on the 7th of July when we left Scotland to cycle through Europe and the Middle East to Africa in the remaining 6 months (back for Xmas).
Have a look at the route below and we'll try to post pics as much as we can!


Cycle Route to Africa

20 Mar 2010

Margalef and pork feet

We´re back in Camping Siurana because we like it here so much but we´ve spent 4 amazing days on the other side of the Montsant mountains in Margalef.
You can camp for free next to a big dam that creates a beautiful lake and the area is so green and deserted. Except for all the hypies who seem to camp there forever in their vans, we were about the only ones without dreadlocks! It was so nice to wake up in the morning and have breakfast in t-shirts and we used your camping shower Russ, it is great!
I´m suddenly climbing much better with my shoes by the way, so to all calvinists who think it´s not the gear but their own technique I have to admit, part of it is... :-)
After 3 nights there we really felt like some cosy-ness in a village with tapas and coffee bars so we drove back to Cornudella for a tapas and drinking party last night. But the most disgusting ever: we ordered something that looked like a pork chop but it fell apart in bones and fat and turned out to be a 4-hour stewed leg! I forced in a few tiny bites but then we smuggled it to the toilet in a napkin because we didn´t want to insult the bar lady..
Anyway back on our clean and luxurious campsite with internet, cafe con leche and showers.
Love Claire&Dan


  1. Claire, happy birthday!

    Hope you guys are having fun in Spain, very nice pictures. See you in France in May!


  2. Claire, it's your birthday?!! If so, I am sure you've had (another) great day! Brillaint to see the pictures and that you are living the life! I am still in the office and feeling VERY jealous just now! Enjoy, liefs Fleur xx

    Late but well meaning! how did you celebrate.?..drinks....tapas...? I hope Dan was with you and not up a vertical slope...looking at the shot of Dan heading straight up on a wall of solid rock!!! scary...were you below holding the robes,?

    love to you both
    and have a good weekend even if every day is a weekend day for you both!!